Kavala city port Panorama

Just a week ago we were enjoying a weekend in Kavala thanks to the special invitation of Seat. Ron, Alex and I took off on a short trip with a super sweet red Seat Arona to explore the Greek city. This was our first time there, so we were curious and had zero expectations. It was an organized trip so we never researched it in advance.

Kavala is a port city with a long history, hosting a notable collection of Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman remains. It used to be an important center of the tobacco industry, but now Kavala earns much of its income from tourism. Nature has gifted the area with nearly 65 km of sandy beaches, stretching east and west of the peninsular Old Town.

We stayed at Lucy hotel which is a nice hotel located in the western part of the city near a small beach. It has an amazing sea view, clean rooms and a good breakfast. I’m happy to recommend it if you are staying in the area, and looking for a mid-range place to stay. However, in case you really want to spoil yourself, you should check Imaret – an intimate luxurious hospitality property, located within the Old Town. The building was built in 1817 by Mohamed Ali Pasha and is a masterpiece of late Ottoman architecture with high aesthetic and cultural value. Truly an impressive spot in Kavala.

Charming Kavala Greece
Kavala sea view
Denina Martin Alex in Kavala
Charming Kavala old town street

For us two of the most charming places in Kavala were the port (I love ports in general), as well as the Old Town itself, on top of which is located the castle. I definitely recommend you go up on this highest point to enjoy a 360-degree spectacular view. The Old Town offers a range of pastel painted charming streets, nice restaurants, taverns and Cafes, some offering as spectacular views.. Like Cafe To Briki with its nice and unique atmosphere.

Charming doors blogger Denina Martin
Old town of Kavala

One thing that caught my eye was the abundance of cats living in the streets. It is interesting how many cats live there peacefully with locals taking care of them and loving them. From my personal impressions, Greek people love cats, dogs and children very much – they always pay special attention to them, which I find really sweet.

Kavala cat
Gorgeous ladies Kavala
Imaret Hotel Kavala
Seat ladies in Kavala

When it comes to beaches, our hosts recommended Batis beach which is just outside the town, but we couldn’t really enjoy any time on the beach because of our tight schedule. However, we do plan another visit to the area in Summer, so I will be able to share more about beaches then.

Interestingly, the Kavala area has to offer different out-of-town attractions. Like the Nestos adventure park we visited on our last day of the journey with Seat. Ron and I had fun on the Zip Line where one gets attached to a rope and flies across the river and back. A great experience which (trust me) is not scary at all.

Denina Martin Seat Bulgaria
Seat Arona Bulgaria

Kavala Marine at night

I’m curious to learn about your impressions and experiences with Kavala. Feel free to comment and share.


Denina ♥

Special thanks to Seat the Kavala municipality for this kind invitation!