Mercedes Benz X Class first of a new kind
Style blogger in a cool ride

Location: Pamporovo, Bulgaria

Last week we took a trip to the mountains with a rather cool ride. We collaborated with Mercedes-Benz  for a travel experience with the new X Class – the first ever MB truck. And it was obvious it’s something very new, because many people looked at the vehicle, not a few asked about it.

However, despite there was no snow as we anticipated, we did have a great time with the car. Personally, this was my first time on a truck, but I guess it’s not the typical truck car. Apart from having a big luggage space, I couldn’t tell the difference, meaning it still felt very luxe.

Taking a picture with daddys car
Driving daddys car

Truth is the X Class is the perfect vehicle for free spirited and adventurous people, who like no boundaries. Funnily, just like my son! (He’s Sagittarius which would explain it well.) Alexander was very cute, because he was so impressed. He even brought a mini truck toy with us. Not to mention that he used every opportunity to jump on the driver’s seat and pretend he’s driving. You know, boys always get excited about cars. :)

Mountain trip with Mercedes X class
Family moments
Driving in style Mercedes X class
Driving in style Mercedes Benz
Arrived at Pamporovo village
cluse rose gold watch

We also enjoyed some quality time outside, playing around and running. Alex and I even found a spot with ice and pretended to be ice skating. It may not seems as the most exciting thing in the world, but when he started laughing, it felt like the best thing. Kids really help appreciate little joys in life. ♥

Mom and son play games
Having fun time with Aleks
Mom and son happy moments
Having fun time
Everything is OK
Pamporovo 2018

When it comes to Pamporovo and entertainment, it isn’t the best place for non-skiers. I would agree to go back only with ski equipment, to be honest. So, this is definitely a useful tip for you. Ron used to go skiing there and said the slopes are great. Hopefully, next year when Alex is 4, we will finally hire a ski teacher for him, and manage to enjoy the snow ride. It turned out that a very kind girl and follower of mine is a ski teacher there, so we have this sorted out already! :)

However, this time we did enjoy the sunsets and the scenery in Pamporovo – just what the three of us need to experience more often. Must have said this previously, but I’m really getting tired with the big city, and every time I get closer to nature, it literally recharges me.

If you are interested, you can take a look at the short video we created from our trip.

Sunset with Mercedes X Class
Amazing sunset at Pamporovo
Sunset view X Class
Traveling in style with Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz X Class

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