My French console table
My French console table

I am one of these people who love spending time on Pinterest, just browsing interior inspirations. Always liked the console set-ups that pop up on the platform and since we had an empty wall that could serve no other purpose, I wanted to build such a set-up at our apartment. I find them very stylish and eye-pleasing. Here are the tips I followed to decorate our console table.

Choose a table that fits in.

That’s a very apparent tip, but it is so important. When I was choosing our console table, it took me a while, as I wanted it to offer a sense of cosiness without looking too modern or too vintage. Generally, I want our home to be neither of those two.  I found this console table about a year ago but it’s been sold so I will link to similar ones below. 

Add a focal point.

Would it be a painting, or a mirror. To have a great console set-up one needs to place something up on that empty wall. Although, I was postponing this step for a long time. However, since my favorite is to have a round mirror, I got this one, which unfortunately is sold out, but I have again linked to similar ones below. 

Add some greeneries.

Okay, in my it case it’s not greeneries but some dried flowers. Yet, the point is that it looks real good if you have a vase with flowers or a pot with your favorite plant. 

Think about having a range of heights and space. 

It is good to have decorations with different ranges of heights. Think of a statement lamp on one side and have a chic tray in between. However, it is very important to not overload the table. As a rule of thumb, it is good to have no more than three deco points on the console table. 

Be practical about it. 

Back to step one of choosing the right console, I love that there’s a display storage place in our console table. It is good to actually use it for something instead of just have it prettily set up. I use my console table to have some day-to-day jewelries stored and keep my perfumes handy. 

Tuck in a bench or a stool underneath to save space. 

I haven’t done that but it’s good to use the space and have your bench or stool stored underneath, if you have one. It looks good! 

A few more ideas.

As part of your decor, you can have some books stacked, as well. I did place just one below my vase, because I like the sense of cosiness that books add. Or you could also add frames with family photos! Or why not candles. You have plenty of options as long as you keep the overall look simple and clean. Remember – less is more!

My French console table