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Traveling with children is always fun and filled with the most extraordinary experiences. We have been traveling since Alexander was 2 months old and we have gone through so many different phases. Over time I have come to some conclusions and decided to share with you my tips for traveling with kids.

The Right Destination

Choosing a safe and appropriate place for children is the first important step because it would predict how the whole trip will go. I do not recommend places which are too suitable for children, ie. filled with “money-spenders” like inflatable castles, carts and more. It is good to have facilities for children, but these are not much contributive to a child’s development and are definitely not my favorite. That is why we avoid them as much as possible, though it is not always possible. The best places for me are those near the nature with fresh air and beautiful sceneries. I think it is important to bring up love for nature in children from an early age.


I truly believe children should be explained where the family would be going – no matter their age. Like adults they need to assimilate the upcoming change and prepare for it. Being aware will make them more relaxed. Ron and I always tell Alex where we’re headed. Thus, he feels involved and gets enthusiastic about the trip. It is also important to explain to him not only what we would be doing there, but also prepare him how he should behave. The latter does not always have a big effect, but I think it accumulates over time and gives certain good results.

Пирин красота Walk Pirin mount


We usually prefer to invent our activities. We bring toys with us, but never too many. Alex chooses by himself 2 or 3. The less you bring, the more played with they are. However, we do try to go for some outdoor walks and activities each time. During our last trip to Bansko we went for walks up in the mountain and it was such an exciting experience for Alex. But I will not lie to you – we cannot survive a family holiday without a phone/tablet. Alex is very energetic and sometimes we do need him to stay in place. For instance, while traveling, or while having dinner. I should add that having an external battery is a savior, and much recommended.

Пирин река Мама и синTips for travel with kids Есен в Пирин


I always, always take something to snack on between meals. This is the other way for Alexander to stay in place. I avoid chocolate because he becomes hyperactive, although I do not always have the word for this. The problem with healthy snacks is solved at the store. More than a year ago I found the snacks of ZIDO Whole Food, which we all love and are made of completely natural ingredients. The Grizini and raw bars are our favorite. Unfortunately, no matter how many I buy, they are always gone in two days, so I try to stock up on them a little bit more. The most exciting thing is it turned out that I actually know the girl who created ZIDO. I accidentally came across her one day and was so happy to learn this. So, I completely trust these are good snacks to buy for the whole family.

Съвети когато пътувате с деца Zido food travel with kids Zido крекери за всички

Switch care

Switching child care is a great way for both parents to enjoy the trip. When we were in Kempinski last month, we did exactly this. Thus, my mom and I managed to swim in the pool, while later dad and Ron took their time in the sauna. At the end, everyone was happy.


Remember that the holiday is not just for one – it is for the whole family. No one should make big compromises, and at the same time all must compromise. Family should function as a unit as much as possible.

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Control Expectations

Do not take yourself on a trip with great expectations. The best thing is to have none to avoid spoiling your mood. This applies to all holidays and trips, with or without children. The less you think, the better.

Keep Calm & Carry On

The most important thing is to stay calm. In all likelihood, at a point your child will get you angry. Your man, too. Whatever the case, try to stay positive and think about the good things. After all, this is the real charm of family trips.


Can you add some tips? Hope mine were helpful to you. :)

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*In collaboration with Zido Whole Foods. All opinions are mine.