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It’s been three months since I started using Japanese skincare, and today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Mission Y skincare. In other words, everything that I loved and that I did not love as much about it, including the results.  




The cleansing foam really has a deep cleansing action and good performance when it comes to removing dirt like black dots. My skin feels very deeply cleansed after it with a slight effect of dryness which disappears with the next steps. It has a very light and discreet aroma and forms a nice foam. However, this product has one disadvantage. Probably because of its whitening capabilities, it is extremely unfavorable to the eyes. When I use it, I am really careful when it comes to getting the product in contact with my eyes because it has a strong burning effect. Luckily, I quickly learned to be careful, but it’s good to know this if you plan on trying out the cosmetics.




The intense moisturizing lotion has a very pleasant refreshing and toning action. It has a consistency of water without any aroma. It is an absolute bestseller of the series, but I personally like step 3 more for myself because it is rather nourishing. The thing I do not like about the lotion is the packaging and the way it is applied. If it feature a spray application it would be much more convenient given its liquid formula.



The concentrated essence – milk is my favorite product! There is nothing I do not like about it. It has a silky texture that spreads evenly over the skin. It absorbs relatively quickly and nourishes the skin so well. I love to do the ritual massage while using this product. And the aroma is very tender and airy.




The nourishing cream is suitable for both day and night use. It is my other favorite product from the series. The aroma is just like the one of the milk essence – gentle and milky. It has a rich texture which is more than wonderful for those winter months. It absorbs relatively quickly, leaving an invisible film over the skin. The idea is to protect the skin. A disadvantage I would like to point out is that it lacks a SPF protection. Yet, it is acceptable given the fact that the series is recommended to use in the winter months due to its whitening effect.


Mission Y promises to make the complexion even, and I can say the ritual has delivered the results when it comes to me. I typically have skin concerns during the winter because I lose all of my summer tan and some dark spots start to appear. What I notice now is that some of them have almost completely disappeared. Two around my mouth and two around my nose. My skin certainly looks more white, but in a very pretty way. It is well nourished and does not have the typical dryness for that time of the year.

Какво мисля за Avon Mission Y
Avon mission review


What’s missing in the Mission Y series is an eye contour product (unlike the Mission Eclat series for mature skin which has one). During these three months, I did not use one, but I used step 3 and step 4 for this area, which was not really a problem, in fact. Yet, I think it would be nice if Avon adds an eye contour products to Mission Y.


The four steps part of the Mission Y ritual are different, but complement one another. This means it takes long time to run out of product. A set of four products was well enough for about 3 months in my case. Calculated, this skincare would cost about 50 euro per month, which is very good given the fact that this cosmetic line qualifies as of a higher quality.

Last but not least, I recommend you try the series right now, in the winter months. Even though Mission Y is very mild and soft to the skin, it has a skin brightening and whitening effect which is not recommended to combine with sun exposure. Applies to all products with any sort of a bleaching effect – milder or stronger.

*In collaboration with Avon Mission Y. All opinions are mine.



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