Denina Martin Mexican Zara dress
Denina Martin in Cancun style dress

There are moments in my style journey when I get really into something. Like green. I can say this is my happy colour at the moment. I feel good wearing it. I do have a soft spot for sage green, olive green, lime, pistachio and many of those natural types of greens. Maybe the colour itself brings me a sense of calmness and safety. Or maybe it makes me feel grounded and renewed. They say shades like sage green primarily represent wisdom, intelligence, and experience. Colours do symbolise things. They can make you feel in a certain way, or they may reflect the way you feel. And it’s just interesting thinking about the real reason you feel drawn to a certain colour, don’t you think?

See below for outfit details & more beautiful green finds.

Ingiliz resort sandals collection 2023
Zara fashion look Cancun 2023

Outfit details:

ZARA dress (old)

Ingiliz sandals

Ulla Johnson bag (old)