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Over the last year I received many requests to show you how I curl my hair, because it looked so natural. Many of you even thought my hair is naturally wavy! Well, today I spill out the secret. Read down to see what products I use and what my technique is.


High Quality Curling Tong with a 32mm barrel – I always look for hair tools with a quality coating that will protect my hair. It is very important in the long term. However, to achieve this type of curls, the tong also needs to be larger. Mine is BaByliss PRO Titanium Diamond Extra Long with a 32mm barrel which helps me create waves instead of tight curls.

Hair oil – If you have found the perfect hair oil for you, go use it. For me this is Kérastase Elixir Ultime. The point is that using a hair oil is essential, especially if your hair is frequently treated.

Thermal Styling Spray – Heat protection is so important! But the best option is when it comes with extra fixation to help this hairstyle last longer. My favorite is Matrix Style Link Prep.

Wide comb – A wider comb will make sure the curls don’t get ruined. The idea is to go though them gently.

Hairspray – I prefer to use one with a medium to strong hold. I want to feel my hair bouncy and natural. One of my favorites is L’oreal Professionnel Infinium.

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#1 I start by nourishing the hair ends with hair oil to smoothen the hair and avoid tangling.

#2 I spray my hair with the Matrix Thermal Styling Spray. It also has a light fixation, so it plays a double role in the whole curling process.

#3 I start by picking 1cm sections from my hair. With the tong facing downwards and the pinch raised, I roll the section around the tong, and then release the pinch down. Most people would first release the pinch and then start rolling, but the effect will be different. In other words, I use the tong as if it is a wand. I wait for about 10 seconds and then release. Also, I do all of the sections in one direction – outwards, not inwards.

#4 After having all of my hair curled, I wait for it to cool down. This ensures the hairstyle will last longer.

#5 Then I gently comb through the hair to make the waves appear softer and more romantic.

#6 To finish off I grab my hair in a ponytail, using my hands only, and spray with hairspray. Doing this gives extra volume when I release the hair. After this my hair needs just a couple of touches to stay in place right as I want it.

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And that’s it. This is how I curl my hair on a daily basis. Super easy and very natural looking!


Denina ♥