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You know when you go to the beach early in the morning and the water is crystal clear. Beautiful! Then people start to flock, and by noon it gets greasy. Unfortunately, much of that grease is full of harmful ingredients occurring in most sunscreens. Ingredients that negatively impact our oceans and are related to coral reef degradation. This year I was looking to buy quality sun protection that is suitable for the whole fam, but also a bit better for the aquatic environment. This is how I came across BIOTHERM’s WATERLOVER line, as these sunscreen products are water-friendly.

Summer sun care from Biotherm
Waterlover sun mist 30

The BIOTHERM WATERLOVER line has been developed with respect to the aquatic life. It’s free from parabens and suitable for sensitive skins, including children. Formulated with healing Life Plankton™ and Vitamin E, it can be used for both face and body and comes in different SPFs. Also, it comes in two texturesWATERLOVER milk, which absorbs very easily, hydrating the skin without leaving white traces, and WATERLOVER mist – which is very easy to apply. I personally picked the milk in 50SPF for face as well as for Alexander, and the mist in 30SPF for me and Ron as we prefer watery textures and a mid range protection.

SPF50 waterlover sun milk
SPF50 waterlover sun milk

Now that our short holiday in Greece is over, I can say I’m very happy with my sunscreen choice. It worked great for us and left us happy that we used water-friendly sunscreen. In fact, with the intent of states like Hawaii, Mexico and Palau to ban sunscreen products with ingredients that negatively impact corals, it is good that we all start thinking in that direction. After all, if it’s not good for the marine environment, why do we think it would be good for us?


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