Woodwick candles for home retreat
Forest retreat candle

How many of you wish they had a fireplace at home? I do! I love the cracking sound of the firewood, the warmth, I love everything about it. The least I can come close to, however, is aromatic candles. And I was instantly bought when I saw the Woodwick candles which have a wooden candlewick (it’s where the name comes from!). It’s not the same as a real fireplace, but lighting one of these adds a sense of cosiness at home that otherwise is missing!

And the scents are so good!

People connect fragrances to emotions. Emotions that they personally associate to the smell. In winter, we need a sense of cosiness and we usually crave scents like vanilla, cinnamon, caramel and SPA-like mixtures. Or at least that’s the case with me, so when I was ordering the Woodwick candles, I picked the following fragrances, and I can say they are real good. 

However, I need to say I’m very happy with my choice, especiall the Forest Retreat. Definitely my favorite one!

Favorite candles by woodwick

What scents do you crave in the Autumn/Winter season?



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