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Trends come and go. The bigger the hype around them, the less they will stay. That’s a personal observation, of course. This winter I was sure that leopard prints and all the other animal ones will be forgotten before Spring is here. It turned out this is the trend which is still surprisingly hot for SS19.

I like animal prints when their role is to add an accent and spice up the outfit. Leopard prints are timeless in quite a few occurrences like a pair of shoes, a chic handbag or a decent coat. And it’s usually how I wear the print without feeling like overdoing it. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against leopard dresses or tops, or even trousers. I may like them in certain occasions, but everyone got too crazy about this trend this winter (especially on social media) and it was just too much for me. Dressed from head to toe in animal prints just because it’s fashionable? It’s fine for all the attention seekers out there.

However, I will keep on wearing the animal print pieces I already bought because I love them. Even, I might buy some more – like a bandana. I would love to find a beautiful bandana in a leopard print, actually! And maybe a decent dress, as long as I find one that I like. But I will follow one rule – sexy designs and leopard prints are a no good combination. Unless you are really aiming that cheap look, of course.

How do you feel about animal prints? In or out? I have linked to a number of leopard favorites, in case you and I are on the same page about them. :) 

Denina ♥

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