Denina Martin Sweater Autumn - Winter 2022

The cold weather has entered the chat. Want it or not. And with that it is officially the season of warm and fluffy sweaters. Which I kind of enjoy, to be honest.

I discovered this sweater recently and loved it so much that it inspired me to find a couple of more gorgeous sweater pieces for you. See below for my selection that will keep you warm throughout winter. Links can be found below the image.

Warm and Fluffy Sweaters Selection by Denina Martin


  1. Wool-blend jumper
  2. Tatuum Junis wool and figure eight knit sweater
  3. Mohair-blend fine-knit jumper
  4. Маrks & Spencer Chunky Knit Sweater
  5. Polo sweater
  6. Cable-knit sweater with faux pearls
  7. Voluminous sweater