Tom Tailor by the sea
Българското черноморие през октомври

Some people say the sea in winter makes them feel sad. But with me – the sea always makes me feel good as it calms my soul. I love the sound of the waves, the wind that blows away the negative and cleanses the mind. I love it no matter the season. I used to live by the sea in Bournemouth and it’s what I miss the most.

Last week we visited Burgas for a work trip related to a Philips conference that Ron, Alex and I took part in. The day we arrived the weather was perfect to spend at the beach. Alexander was digging a whole in the sand. Few people were also walking around and enjoying the day. It did make us nostalgic about the times Ron and I used to go to the beach and just watch and listen to the waves in Bournemouth. I think we both miss this living in Sofia. But every time I visit a city by the sea, I say to him – one day we will live by the sea again.

Anybody living by the sea? Or also wishing for it? :)

Keeping warm on the beach
Bulgarian sea side of Burgas
Tom Tailor puff jacket for winter visit
the sea makes me feel good
Пухкаво яке за студените морски дни
Beach family

Jacket – Tom Tailor

Trousers – Tom Tailor

Turtleneck top – Tom Tailor

Hat – Tom Tailor

Boots – H&M 


Denina ♥

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