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We have all noticed the rise of power suits in the the last few seasons. The power suit game is still going strong for Spring/Summer 2019, and I’m very happy about this because I do feel so well being suited.

Interestingly, power suits can be a bit controversial. According to early feminists, it was the ultimate challenge to dare and wear powers suits, because femininity demonstrated female weaknesses and gender inequality. But then other beliefs are more like “feminine is power in itself”, as in reality females only are capable of it. So, why dress like men?

Those conversations are definitely worth the discussion. I’m definitely a representative of the value that femininity is a power if used appropriately. But then, I do enjoy wearing a power suit every once and while. Because even though they are associated with masculinity, they can hardly go without a dose femininity when females are wearing them. I mean you can’t hide this! They just add power to the female, and a dash of extra confidence.

How I wear a suit for the weekend
power suit for the weekend

And the great thing is nowadays we have so many options when it comes to form and function of power suits. Like such with a structured silhouette (and more feminine like my red suit). Or more loose versions – just look at the one I’m wearing. We also can have ones with shorts (wore a suit like this here). And the fabrics make the options even more abundant. But the best part is we are lucky to able to wear power suits nowadays no matter the occasion. Could it be for a brunch, wedding, first date or work. In 2019 we have no restrictions, as it’s not about feminism or femininity anymore. It’s about the freedom we have to make our own interpretations the way we feel the most comfortable.

in love with this HM suit
Vrana national park
in my H&M suit

Power SuitH&M trousers & H&M blazer (similar here)

Leopard Shoes – Aldo (Similar here & here)

Yellow Top – Zara Basic

BagZara (Also like this one here & here)


BeltHere & Also love this one


Denina ♥


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