Denina Martin home made pancakes

We have a family tradition for weekend pancakes. We used to make them in a traditional pan. Until recently, when we got this WMF pancake maker. And we love it so much! it is so easy to make pancakes with it. Even our son gets involved in the process. I will share more about it, as well as the recipe for the pancakes everyone at home loves.

The WMF Lono Crêperie is great for making both sweet and savory crepes. It features a removable, dishwasher-safe crêpe pan with non-stick coating and overflow protection rim that makes delicious crêpes easy. The temperature setting is adjustable. Plus, it comes with practical accessories that make make pancake-making process much easier.

Below I share the ingredients we use for the pancakes everyone at home loves. We prefer yoghurt ito regular milk, because it gives the crepes a delicate sour taste. Interestingly, it’s a hack we borrowed from my father and ever since we make our pancakes with yoghurt only.



3 eggs

200-250g plain flour

400g plain yoghurt

Pinch of Himalayan salt

A few drops of Vanilla essence

Butter for spreading over the ready pancakes


We mix the ingredients in a jug blender. And start making the pancakes on the preheated WMF Lono Creperie. As soon as a pancake is ready, we spread over a little butter. Then we place a new pancake on top, and spread more butter. At the end all the pancakes are soft and very tasty.

We love to have them with pure honey or a healthy chocolate spread with berry fruits. :)

Home made pancakes with Wmf
Tasty Pancakes by Denina martin and wmf
Good Old-Fashioned Pancakes
Home made pancakes wmf