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The topic about natural cosmetics has excited me for years. I can’t say I am obsessed and use only bio and natural products. I have often come across such which do not work well for me, so my primary goal is finding products that match my needs and expectations when it comes to results. Of course, if they are natural, this is always a major plus.

At the end of January I decided to give BIOLAGE R.A.W. and their natural hair products a go. R.A.W. here stands for Real. Authenthic. Wholesome. The line is made of  natural ingredients (between 70% and 100%) and is produced following ethical guidelines and practices such as reducing waste and reducing water consumption. However, above all – these products are promising professional results, too. 

I was slightly sceptical when it comes to the latter, but it turned out BIOLAGE R.A.W. should in no way be underestimated. My experience and opinion about the brand is about to follow.

Raw nurish series from Biolage
Biolage raw nurish series

NOURISH For dry and dull hair

Since my hair usually needs deep nourishment, I decided to pick the NOURISH series. The shampoo is enriched with Quinoa Husk & Honey which give softness and extra shine. And my hair does feels different – definitely softer and very lightweight. There is a lot of movement and even volume in it, which was my biggest surprise. I expected it from the R.A.W. series for volume, but not from the nourishing one.

When it comes to the conditioner, NOURISH is infused with Coconut Oil & Kaolin Clay, also making hair soft & shiny. And it feels very lightweight, too. Plus, the aroma is extremely good! However, I should say that my hair tips would still feel slightly undernourished sometimes, as some sections would get tangled up. But I have found a solution for this problem, which I’m sharing below.

Biolage replenish oil mist


As a rule of a thumb, I always use hair oil for my tips. This way I smoothe and nurture them further, also fighting the unpleasant electrification. The REPLENISH oil mist is 100% natural and contains pure and essential oils. Olive oil – for healthy and shiny hair. Sunflower oil – to protect against UV absorption. Borage oil – for hydration and healthy hair growth. Essential oils of rockrose, lemon balm and fennel – for indulging the senses.

And here comes the best part – this product is absolutely multifunctional! The oil mist can be applied as a pre-shampoo oil, as an after-shampoo oil to support drying for medium dense hair, as a smoothing agent for curly hair, as a night treatment for hard hair, and as body care. When I feel my tips are “hungry” for extra nourishment, I apply the oil for several hours before I wash my hair. It makes a difference! After showering, I tend to be more careful when it comes to the amount I put on, as it may grease hair excessively. It’s definitely not a dry oil.) Plus, this product is perfect for traveling because it saves me space from carrying extra body care products. Not just that – a few days ago, I massaged Ron using the oil-mist. Natural and multifunctional products like this one are truly my favorite!

Biolage oil mist
Healthy hair
Sexy healthy hair
My healthy hair nourish shampoo
Healthy hair with Biolage

Overall, my opinion about BIOLAGE R.A.W. is fantastic. I’m very happy with it. Ron is as well, by the way. He started using the shampoo (without me knowing, of course) and recently shared he loves it. Honestly, it feels great, because BIOLAGE R.A.W. is a conscious choice in the name of nature and ourselves without giving up on the good results. 

Biolage raw blogger
Healthy hair care hair products

How do you feel about natural hair products? Are you a fan of the #liveRAW concept?


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Matrix. All opinions are mine.



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