Freywille-Jewelry-Monet-Ralph-Lauren-Crossbody-Bag-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Frey-Wille-1 Freywille-Jewelry-Monet-Ralph-Lauren-Crossbody-Bag-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Frey-Wille-2

In December we travelled to Vienna, where Ron and I had the chance to collaborate with FREYWILLE – the Viennese boutique jewelry brand, inspired by the masterpieces of the Greatest. There I got my hands on the collection inspired by Klimt’s Portrait of Adelle Bloch-Bauer. As a sequence to this magical experience of mine, today I’m wearing the collection picturing Claude Monet’s most famous works – the water lily paintings and their golden sparkle.

Known as the Orangerie, this collection of FREYWILLE was love at first sight. When I walked in the boutique here in Sofia, this artistic representation caught my eye so greatly that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The motif reflects the French romantic atmosphere, the scent of the flowers, the warmth of the sun and the gentle breezes of Normandy. Its delicate golden sparkle makes me feel like I’m right there at the magical and fairy Giverny, while the soft and saturated colors impress with their masterful and subtle interflow. My romantic inner self feels this French representation corresponds to the intricacy and deepness of my soul, bringing in so much sun to those gloomy winter days. But to be honest, I can’t wait to wear the golden sparkle of Monet in summer when its beauty will pop out even more impressively.

Freywille-Jewelry-Monet-Ralph-Lauren-Crossbody-Bag-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Frey-Wille-3 Freywille-Jewelry-Monet-Ralph-Lauren-Crossbody-Bag-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Frey-Wille-8 Freywille-Jewelry-Monet-Ralph-Lauren-Crossbody-Bag-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Frey-1-9 Freywille-Jewelry-Monet-Ralph-Lauren-Crossbody-Bag-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Frey-Wille-5 Freywille-Jewelry-Monet-Ralph-Lauren-Crossbody-Bag-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Frey-Wille-6 Freywille-Jewelry-Monet-Ralph-Lauren-Crossbody-Bag-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Frey-Wille-4 Freywille-Jewelry-Monet-Ralph-Lauren-Crossbody-Bag-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Frey-Wille-7

FREYWILLE Hommage a Claude Monet (ORANGERIE necklace and rings) / RALPH LAUREN Withby Mini Crossbody Bag / MANGO Stretch Trousers  / ZARA Double Breasted Coat (Great Alternative) / Yellow Neckerchief (Similar) / ZARA Sleeveless Jumper (Alternative) / Pointed Patent Pumps (Similar)

After sharing my most loved jewelry collection of FREYWILLE, I’m curious to know which one is your favorite. Feel free to share in the comments below. 


Denina ♥




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