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It’s official – the terracing season is now open. :) I always find this term so funny! We – all the people living in cities who do not have neither front, nor back yards, enjoy our Summers on the terrace. So, somebody coined the term terracing as a really popular activity. And now that we moved to our new place, we love spending more time on our terrace. Terracing. :) It’s either Ron and I, or we invite friends to join us. So, we came up with an easy cocktail and bruschetta combo our guests love. Sharing below all of that, but no quantities included, as I never refer to them. Always follow my instincts and a bit of a guidelines, of course. :)


I call this cocktail “The Taste of Summer”, because it literally tastes like Summer. Mostly because of the watermelon. However, there are a few variations to it, but I will share with you our most favorite. All you need is:

Ice cubes

Somersby Cider - Watermelon

Amaro Aperitivo (optional)


Watermelon fruit

Fresh thyme
Somersby cocktail for our guests
Cocktail recipe with lime

Depending on whether you use cups or a jug, you need to remember this – 2/3rds of it should be filled with ice. Then you pour in the Somersby Cider Watermelon + the Amaro Aperitivo (which is optional, or you can alternatively use vodka to make it a bit stronger). All you need to remember is the ratio – on every 180ml of the Somersby Cider Watermelon you add 30ml of the Aperitivo. In the jug (which serves 4 people in total), I personally add the juice of 1 lime. I also use the lime peels to boost the flavor of the drink inside the jug, and add fresh thyme. You will be surprised how much it changes the flavor and how nicely it tastes!

When serving, I add 3 cubes of watermelon in each cup which later on is really nice to consume on its own, as it’s filled with flavor. Then I add some more extra thyme, and pour in the drink. I decorate the cups with some lime peel, and it’s all ready to serve!

Attention: This cocktail contains alcohol. Drink responsibly, only if you are over 18 years of age, and don’t  ever drink and drive! 

How to make Somersby cokctails
How we welcome our guests
Making of Somersby cocktail with lime
Cold cocktail afternoon


This is literally the easiest bruschetta recipe that goes great with the cocktail I shared above. It balances the tastes perfectly! All you need is:


Olive paste

Grated Parmesan Cheese 


I slice the baguette and slightly toast it. Then I spread on the olive paste – one tea spoon per bruschetta to make it more tasteful. Then I sprinkle with the grated Parmesan cheese and finish off with some oregano on top. Ecco fatto! As simple as that. And very delicious.

Somersby cocltail and bruschetta
Somersby cocktail and bruschetta


In addition to this easy cocktail and bruschetta combo, we add some different sorts of cheese – like blue cheese and brie. Some fruits like watermelon. Why not strawberries, too. And we turn on our Marshall speaker with nice Summer tracks on to bring our good mood. No rain needed, for sure! Only sun and a dash of refreshing breeze, which luckily we have on our terrace.

Enjoying cocktail afternoon
Terrace cocktail afternoon

How do you welcome your guests for brunches at home? What do you host them with? I invite you to share your best working tricks and recipes on making everybody happy!


Denina ♥

*Thank you Somersby for sponsoring this post. All opinions are entirely mine.