Max Mara leather bag
Weekend max mara sweater

For the past few seasons we’ve witnessed an unexpected transformation in fashion when it comes to bags. The mini which for many seemed impractical was overtaken by the micro thanks to Jacquemus’s famous version. Although the latter is basically useless due to its teeny-tiny size, it still remains a trend. (But it matters only if you are a trends person.) However, things seem to be shifting maybe because females do need space when it comes to handbags. So, to everyone who doesn’t enjoy the mini and micro bag movement, there’s good news. The Big Bag Club might be on its way of relaunching. If you are a fan of bigger and yet stylish alternatives to fit in all your belongings, click those you like in the selection I’ve done for you. It’s a good one. :)

Ralph Lauren baby blue bag

And just to make it clear, I do love mini bags, and I’m not giving up on them, but certainly feel like I also need extra carry-on space sometimes. What about you – are you a mini, a micro or a big bag person?


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