For me personally fragrances are seasonal. I can love a fragrance in Summer and hate it in Winter. And vice versa. This cold season, my favorite fragrances are very intense, spicy and mostly niche. Today I share with you the 3 fragrances that get me so many compliments. In fact, one of them consists of two separate ones, so it’s technically 4, but I love them when layered. Yes, you can absolutely experiment with layering – especially when it comes to niche perfumes.


Christian Dior

Oud Ispahan opens the doors to an ochre-walled palace filled with captivating fragrances. It is an uncompromising fragrance that highlights its woody force with the spicy, decisive character of Damascus Rose. I love they way it combines an oriental soul with floral softness. It has an excellent longevity and one cannot go unnoticed with it. And you can feel it even after taking a shower.

This fragrance is offered in 40ml, 125ml, 250ml & 450ml bottles. It is available to shop only at Dior boutiques and online at with certain countries being excluded from the list.

seasonal fragrance
seasonal fragrance


Atelier Cologne

Atelier Cologne is a French artisanal and natural perfumery. The brand has been inspired by the ever-changing nature of our souls, emotions and the poetry of life. I recently discovered two of their Rare Collection fragrances that impressed me very much, but blew me away when I combined them, because that way a really impressive fragrance was created. In fact, I wear them together most of the time. This is my most worn perfume this Winter.

Encens Céleste is woody, spicy, and warm with bergamot from Calabria blowing a freshness, that reveals the airy facets of the incense.

Eclat de Tubereuse is a daring and luminous perfume. They call the Tuberose the Queen of the night. The notes include for the woody floral fragrance include cardamom, tuberose and sandalwood.

Atelier Cologne fragrances are offered in 30ml and 100ml.

seasonal fragrance



Musc Noble is part of Guelrain’s Les Absolus d’Orient Collection, which was born from a quest to find the finest raw ingredients. This particular fragrance is a harmony of musk and a majestic rose. I have never been into roses when it comes to fragrances but things have shifted for me and I appreciate a deep rose with oriental blends so much at the moment.

They call this the fragrance of temptation – inspired by amber lands, it shines a light on one of the most mysterious ingredients in Perfumery: musk. Thierry Wasser drew inspiration from his travels and dreamed about Musc Noble. A mysterious, warm and powdery musk, enveloped within a lustful breath of deep rose, the spicy leatheriness of saffron and the verticality of cedar wood, which pushes the fragrance towards an emotive height.

It has excellent silage and longevity and comes in a 125ml bottle.