I love spending time by the sea. It gives me so much energy. As we just came back from a holiday at the Black Sea, I was reminded of something interesting I read before. Many people don’t know but there’s a theory that the Black Sea used to be a lake. Around 10 000 years ago catastrophic events took place and sea water entered the sea from the Mediterranean at the Bosphorus. Some people believe those events inspired the story of Noah and the Big flood. No idea if it’s true or not, but there’s certainly mystery in charm in this story and the Black sea itself.


  1. Ruffle dress with pattern
  2. Long chiffon dress
  3. Puff sleeve dress with floral pattern
  4. Cut out long dress with neckline
  5. Dress with balloon sleeves and a triangle neckline
  6. Bosphor silk long dress

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