A scientific study has concluded that yellow increases serotonin levels, affecting our mood, memory, sleep, appetite etc. in a rather positive way. Interestingly, it may also speed up the metabolism. And lift up the mood to people surrounding us! Some suggest that shades of yellow are often worn by active and creative people, too. So, in my … Continue Reading


Villa Elisa, Santa Catalina, Malaga, Spain Many people messaged me to ask about the place we stayed at in Malaga. It was a beautiful traditional Spanish house which Ron found. I really need to give him full credits here, because it was him who insisted to book this place. I was the happiest person when … Continue Reading


Location: Halkidiki, Greece I am writing from sunny Greece. We have been here for a couple of days already, and I have been waiting for this too long. Halkidiki is one of my most favorite summer destinations, which became a tradition of ours every year. I love the beaches, the crystal water, the silence of … Continue Reading


The color talk continues, with the yellow dress on focus this time. I’m curious to know, what does yellow remind you of? I myself see it as the color of sun, light and positivism. There’s so much joy and happiness in this color. After a quick search on the Internet, I found out it arouses … Continue Reading