Hello March! Today we are celebrating. Firstly, because February, the month I like the least, is over. Secondly, because it’s the 1st of March – a traditional holiday in my country marking the cult to health, wellbeing and fertility. And lastly, because it’s been one year since Bulgaria Mall and I initiated our collaboration project. Such a … Continue Reading


When it comes to everyday attire, one rule we all have to stick to is being perfectly comfortable. Feeling at ease with what you wear is the most precious thing since it gives the chance to experience every moment as it should be experienced. It makes you feel calm and wouldn’t distract you from what really matters. … Continue Reading


For today’s outfit on focus are these Stefanel white culottes I found at Bulgaria Mall. During the late Middle ages culottes were called tight knee-length panties worn by the European upper-class. However, the fashion industry has taken the word for describing something rather different. Nowadays, culottes like the ones I’m wearing are described as panties that … Continue Reading


This Monday Purely Me by Denina Martin had exclusive access behind the scenes of Bulgaria Mall‘s image shoot for the upcoming season. It was a great experience and honor for me personally first because I saw some of the latest pieces from a few world-famous brands’ spring collections, and second, because I was around a … Continue Reading