Time has gone so quickly. I’m already in my last trimester and my bump keeps growing quickly. Throughout my pregnancy I tried different body products which I liked but for my 3rd trimester I adopted a new pregnancy body care routine which I love even more! Stretch-mark prevention is the best path to take rather … Continue Reading

Pregnancy Safe Skincare

When I got pregnant I knew I had to make some product switches. I am not being too hectic about it – just trying to make better and safer choices. The most important products to consider are those that penetrate into the skin and bloodstream – like skincare, face masks, deodorants, etc. From what I … Continue Reading


Some of you may have noticed, but in addition to keeping up my personal style blog, after a few months I will have another key responsibility in my life. Yes, you got it right – I am an expecting mom, whose belly is starting to grow bigger and bigger each day. As you probably assume, in … Continue Reading