The past few posts have been completely devoted to and inspired by dresses. Although I try to wear more dresses in winter, I usually end up opting for pants and jeans. So, in Spring I really feel the need to make a switch. This week I was inspired by a completely versatile shirt dress I … Continue Reading


I have something to tell you which is no longer a secret. It is a Top Secret thing actually – since a new store of the brand Top Secret opened in Bulgaria Mall last week. I missed the official opening because we were in Vienna, but as soon as we came back, I rushed to … Continue Reading


Today, I’m raising the topic of breaking fashion taboos. First thing, a taboo is a understanding that something is improper or unacceptable. For decades there have been numerous taboos in the world of fashion like never wear pink on red; brown on black, a dress that is shorter than the coat, and many more. Most of … Continue Reading


This season I was determined to buy a classy black fedora. In the past I used to buy various hats without putting them on more than once or twice. This time I really wanted to invest in a piece to wear throughout the whole season. I spent some time looking for the perfect fedora, and … Continue Reading