Fragrances to Get You in an Autumnal Mood

When it comes to fragrances, people are different. For instance, I associate fragrances with seasons. There are ones I love during Summer, and can’t stand during Winter. It’s a subconscious thing, but I always switch fragrances when seasons change. If you are like me, I can suggest you 8 fragrances to get you in an … Continue Reading


Nothing compliments my mood better than a beautiful fragrance! Since what I wear on a particular day is very much related to my mood, I like to match my perfume to my outfit. It’s the best finishing touch. At the moment I’m using these 3 uplifting fragrances for Spring/Summer and I can’t get enough of … Continue Reading


Дойде онова време от годината, в което е добре да започнем да се подготвяме с подаръците за Коледа. Един от най-популярните типoве подаръци са парфюмите. И те наистина могат да бъда страхотен подарък, стига да са добре подбрани и да носят послание. Едни от разумните подходи е да изберете парфюм според типа жена или с … Continue Reading