My Villa Wardrobe
Yellow striped dress

Villa Elisa, Santa Catalina, Malaga, Spain

Many people messaged me to ask about the place we stayed at in Malaga. It was a beautiful traditional Spanish house which Ron found. I really need to give him full credits here, because it was him who insisted to book this place. I was the happiest person when we arrived at the sunny Villa Elisa, because take a look at it! It is literally amazing!

On that first day we arrived I asked Ron “Do we actually need to go and walk around Malaga? I can just be here during our entire stay!” I was amazed with this place’s authenticity. Located in the prettiest neighborhood, just a few minutes away from the beach. We had the perfect sunny front yard, where we were listening to birds singing. I couldn’t be happier enjoying my morning coffee. The ideal Spanish experience. I could literally spend my entire days there. If you are staying in Malaga, we both absolutely recommend this lovely and sunny Villa Elisa, as well as the neighborhood itself. ♥

Wearing my yellow striped dress
Villa Elisa Malaga
Wearing my Mango striped dress
Villa Elisa blue sky
The striped dress
Sunny villa Elisa Malaga
Wearing sunny striped dress
Sunny mango striped dress
Spanish villa Elisa
Sunny yellow striped dress
Mango striped bow dress
My spanish villa wife
Красива блогърка в рокля Mango SS2018
Orange striped dress
Spanish blogger mango dress
Reading book at the villa
Ingiliz summer shoes
Michael Kors purse cluse watch
Living the spanish wife

Dress – MANGO (Sold out but the top is still available/ also loving this dress)

Clutch – Michael Kors (Sold out but currently loving this one)

Sandals – Ingiliz

Bracelet – The Jewel Hut

Sunglasses – MANGO

Watch – Cluse


Denina ♥



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