Styling the trend houndstooth print
Денина Мартин

Among the key trends of the season is the classic houndstooth print. Interestingly, this print did not come into fashion until the 1930s. Prior to this, it was just a type of a wool coat worn by Scottish people in the 19th century, who must have had a good amount of imagination to see a dog’s teeth print in this. A thing that has always fascinated me.

However, today houndstooth is worn by every fashion-forward woman, as well as the men who are driven by classic style. If you are also keen on styling the trend, try mixing houndstooth with more of it. A mix of similar prints will make a noticeable statement. You can also opt for a monochromatic palette, accentuating on a single bold color for a fun and cheerful effect. There are surely not a few takes on that print, but whatever you go for – try to keep it classy.

Sezane paris
Houndstooth coat blogger Denina Martin
Houndstooth cardigan liu jo
Sezane style blogger
Houndstooth cardigan

Houndstooth cardigan – Liu Jo at Bulgaria Mall

Sweater – Liu Jo at Bulgaria Mall

Jeans – Liu Jo at Bulgaria Mall

Houndstooth bag – Liu Jo at Bulgaria Mall


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