Home rose garden
Shando rose garden

There are two seasons when I love to switch the aromas at home – Spring & Winter. It’s quite obvious. :) Now that we are spending a lot of time at home, I wanted to find good floral fragrances for spring aroma therapy at home. This is how I came across CHANDO – artisan porcelain aroma diffusers. They are basically pretty refillable interior accessories that spread a gentle and nice fragrance in the room based on a high quality and safe fragrance oils that do not contain alcohol, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful to humans substances.

Denina Martin-Notino aroma diffuser_6808
home aroma diffuser 6846

I picked Chando Blooming Rose Garden to keep it near me in the living room as I love roses, Myst Peonie Garden for our bedroom & Myst Midnight Lotus which I will be placing in our bathroom.

home aroma diffuser
home aroma diffuser

Are you a diffuser type or you love aroma candles instead? I honestly love both as long as the aroma is the great! :))


Denina ♥


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