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Location: Shiv’s Sky Bar, Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort, North Black Sea Coast

There are places that make you feel good. Even great. For me these places are always around the sea. I’ve probably shared that before. I’m probably repeating myself, but nothing calms me more than the sea view and that endless blue. My gaze gets lost in the distance. Nothing can be seen there, but I see and feel everything. I feel freedom. I feel how small against this greatness I am. How stupid and unnecessary all the anxieties are. I’m just relaxed. Sometimes I would even get emotional because I realize my happiness in this very moment. And my eyes would even get wet – just a little bit. It seems that my whole being wants to scream “Thank you!” for living in that moment.

That’s how I felt when we found Shiv’s Sky Bar. A magical atmosphere with such a magical sea view. This unmistakably beautiful moment quickly turned into a memory – sealed for life. Like a painting you have hung in the gallery of your own imagination.

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Interestingly, we learned there’s a short story behind the creation of this bar. During a golf tournament the game was interrupted and players had to wait in this area. At the time, the bar did not exist. One of the players – a man from India – told the owner that there should be a bar in this place. Not much longer after this, Shiv’s Sky Bar appeared, and it was named after that same player who recommended it. I feel like we should thank him, for giving the idea, as this place is not just another bar offering coffee and cocktails. It’s a whole emotion.

If you are traveling in the region of Balchik and you are looking for exactly such an emotion with a sea view, do stop by. I recommend. :)

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