Море от злато 29102017 Falling into fall 28102017

I remember when I was 10. Near my school there was a pavement surrounded by trees. Almost no one was passing there. At that time of the year, this pavement resembled a sea of ​​gold. I still remember too well how we were running into it. As soon as the bell hit, we would run out and start playing games. About 10 minutes of happiness.

Even today, when I found myself in a place with so many fallen leaves, I just want to run into them. Swim in Autumn as the little kid I know used to do. And not that the inner feeling of what is right and not stops me. Or a feeling of age consciousness. No. I’m just too overwhelmed with work and life concerns that there is often no time to enjoy this beauty as I’d like. And in a blink of an eye it’s gone, while the chance remains missed. So enjoy Autumn and its charm while it’s still around. Turn yourselves into collectors of Autumn memories because these memories will last long to remind you that the best things are actually the simplest. :)

Falling into fall blog 28102017 Falling into fall Falling into fall 20171019

And because fashion remains at the heart of this blog, I can not miss but make a not on this dress I bought recently. This season the nuances of tabacco and chocolate are quite popular, and I’m happy because I like them. There are coats, blazers, skirts, booties and boots. What do you think of these shades and prints respectively? Do you like them or you find them kind of oldschool?

Falling into fall furla handbag Fall colors furla handbag Falling into fall leaves mango houndftooth dress 20102017 mango houndftooth dress mango houndftooth dress for fall Fall in october

DressMANGO (Also like this one)

 Belt – MANGO (similar)

BagFURLA Linda




Denina ♥




aww these photos are wonderful!



Love how the bag just pops with the location. Wonderful post dear- great inspiration for a monday morning haha


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