Rusty Red Jumpsuit from Pause Jeans styled by Denina MartinDenina Martin wearing red rusty jumpsuit at Marina Dinevi

The first thing I saw about this romper was its lovely rusty red shade. I didn’t even realize what it was. I just jumped at the color. But it was more than just pleasure to see it’s an off-the-shoulder romper in an extremely lightweight fabric.

However, maybe I should have started by telling a bit more about the location. This shoot is from our vacation in St Vlas. The latter is well-known for its yacht port called Marina Dinevi. It’s one of the nicest places to visit there since it’s got the marine view, the nice restaurants and the romantic atmosphere that we’re looking for.

Ron, Alex and I were at the yacht port almost every night, trying out three restaurants including Gloria Mar, Mari Ivanna and a Greek Restaurant. The latter we did not enjoy as much. Maybe that’s the reason we don’t recall its name. But the first two were all perfect. I’d definitely recommend you visit them.

Let’s get back to the outfit. I was on the look to find similar pieces to that romper, coming across THIS ONE, which made me fall in love with it. Unfortunately, I don’t need two red rompers, even though I really fancy both. However, here’s another one for you to check. In regards to the accessories, I like combinations with tan hues. And here all those natural colors are completed by the gold and marble cuff bracelet from H&M (also like this one).

port-st-vlas-sunset-red-jump-suit-denina-martin-5 port-st-vlas-sunset-red-jump-suit-denina-martin-11 port-st-vlas-sunset-red-jump-suit-denina-martin-2 port-st-vlas-sunset-red-jump-suit-denina-martin-1port-st-vlas-sunset-red-jump-suit-denina-martin-12 port-st-vlas-sunset-red-jump-suit-denina-martin-6 port-st-vlas-sunset-red-jump-suit-denina-martin-10 port-st-vlas-sunset-red-jump-suit-denina-martin-9 port-st-vlas-sunset-red-jump-suit-denina-martin-8

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Shout out in the comments if you like this romper as much as I do. :)  


Denina ♥



Wonderful playsuit & cuff!


Thank you for the sweet comments everyone! ♥


I know exactly what you mean – I often jump at colors or prints in the shop, without knowing what design it is. You’re a lucky girl, because both the color and the cut are amazing! A definite wanna have :)

XO from Malta,


You look amazing in that red jumpsuit! Love it!! The colours, the pictures, the place. Big kisses from Portugal sweetie




Толкова си сладка! Страхотна морска визия! Снимките са уникални! :)


beautiful jumpsuit!


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