Red and rose valentines day
Rose pleated skirt

February is the month I like the least. The only thing that gives it a positive vibe is Valentine’s day.

Although many people dislike Valentine’s day, I enjoy the fact there’s a day which celebrates love. We celebrate our birthdays, Christ’s birth, children’s day, and so many more. It doesn’t make sense to neglect the most exciting and special feeling – the feeling of love. Not to mention that many great things have actually come out as a result of love. ♥

However, if there are two colors that are best associated with February, these are definitely red and rose hues. Now that 14th of February is approaching, everything gets painted in these shades, and it feels rather appropriate to wear them. So, I decided to make a list with some sweet and themed finds. Scroll down to see it.

Have you got plans for St. Valentine’s Day already? 

red sweater knotted
valentines day selection
valentines day red&rose selection

Recreate the Look:

Pleated Skirt 

Red Sweater



Box Clutch

red & roses for valentine's days

1. Red Dress 

2. Moschino Umbrella

3. FREYWILLE Monochrome Bangle

4. Coccinelle ARLETTIS Mini Bag

5. Red Heels

6. Love Macaroons

7. Cath Kidston Watch

8. ARMANI Rouge Ecstacy Lipstick

9. PUPA Lip Kit

10. Red Lace Bra

11. Red Roses Soap Set

12. Heart Pendant FREYWILLE

13. Roses in a box GRANDROSES

14. Leather Handbag Ted Baker

15. My BURBERRY Blush Fragrance

16. Embellished High Heels

17. Rose Watch

18. Pink Pencil Dress

19. Pink candle 

20. Porcelain Cups H&M


22. YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick

23. Makeup Brush Set


Denina ♥

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