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Desigual dress Michael Kors back pack Denina Martin

Halloween is one week ahead and it has become so popular that people from all over the world celebrate this American tradition. If you are not one of those who are that overwhelmed by it, this post is for you.

This year Halloween (31.10) is on a Monday – the worst day of the week according to… most people. The chances that you are stuck at work till late are enormous. So, you are likely to join a party with friends right after your shift ends, feeling tired and discouraged to dress up as an Avatar, mermaid or Game of Thrones character. Your best solution in this case is a quick dress up for Halloween. Just get something wearable and accessorize accordingly. Would it be a devil, a cat or just a mysterious girl, find your best and easiest way to achieve the theme and go for it.

Honestly, I find it pointless to invest in costumes when you can spend those money on something much more useful and valuable like this Desigual dress. The latter is perfect for this occasion because when paired with some mysterious or scary accessories it can easily turn into your Halloween go-to attire, while still being appropriate for daywear.

Desigual dress autumn 2016 Desigual dress Michael Kors back pack autumnDesigual dress Michael Kors back pack autumn Halloween creepy 2016 Desigual dress Michael Kors back pack mask autumn 2016 Desigual dress Michael Kors back pack HM mask autumn 2016 H&M mask autumn 2016 Denina Martin H&M mask autumn 2016

DESIGUAL Dress / MICHAEL KORS Bag (Scandal) / H&M Ring / H&M Domino Mask

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Have you decided what your costume would be? 


Denina ♥

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