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My skin care for pregnancy

When I got pregnant I knew I had to make some product switches. I am not being too hectic about it – just trying to make better and safer choices. The most important products to consider are those that penetrate into the skin and bloodstream – like skincare, face masks, deodorants, etc. From what I have been reading, make up products like powders are not a concern since they stay on top of the skin and do not penetrate in the blood stream. Here are a few categories to consider yourself when it comes to pregnancy safe skincare.

Please note: All of this information is a result of my personal research and might not be flawless. Always make your own research.

Everyday Face Creams & Serums

I will list ingredients to avoid below, but I want to underline that the so trendy retinol is an ingredient that should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy as it’s considered harmful for the baby. Also, it is good to research your current creams and face serums, because they don’t have to be bio and vegan to be harmless. And keep in mind that just because one brand has many pregnancy safe skincare products, it doesn’t mean all of them are. I found a good source – 15MinuteBeauty, which I refer to whenever I have concerns and doubts. This is how I picked this Caudalie Vinoperfect Face Serum. What I like about it is it’s an anti dark spot serum, because during pregnancy skin pigmentation may change significantly.

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Face masks

I really like to have an intensive face care every once and a while, so I wanted to pick a safe alternative to sheet masks. Hydrating products with Hyaluronic Acid are considered safe during pregnancy and after a quick research I found that this Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face mask is good to use.

Make-up removers

Similar case here – although those products usually get washed away, I decided to try out more friendly versions. I continue to use and enjoy the Emma Hardie cleanser, and I ordered those Burt Bee’s Cucumber and Sage wipes which I searched on 15MinuteBeauty and confirmed for myself they were safe.

Pregnancy safe beauty products
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SPF products

I haven’t figured out what SPF products I should choose but as a rule of a thumb, synthetic SPF is not a good option. At the moment I am not using an SPF due to spending significant amount of time indoors, but I guess in Spring I will have to make a decision. You can see some pregnancy safe SPF products here.


I’m not ultra picky here, but on an everyday basis I use Burt’s Bees lip products. My lips got very chappy with the pregnancy, so these products help a lot. I also got a tinted moisturiser in a light neutral shade and I have been enjoying it as well.


Aluminium salts are linked to certain diseases like breast cancer, and even though there’s no significant and confirming research data, I prefer to avoid it in my pregnancy and while breastfeeding. But it is so hard to find an Aluminium-free deodorant that would do the work. At least with me most wouldn’t’ be effective at all. However, I recently tried this spray deodorant Weleda Citrus and I have been enjoying it – it’s been very effective so far!


Parabens – They are considered carcinogen, although there is no significant scientific evidence for that. However, it is advisable to avoid them. Anything with the words methyl-, isobutyl-, propyl-.

Formaldehyde – A preservative, considered to be a carcinogen.

Phthalates – A chemical which is often found in fragrances. It is linked to birth defects. Avoid anything with DBP, DEHP, DEP on the ingredient list.

Diethanolamine and Triethanolamine – Also disrupt the hormone function. Mostly found in cleansers to help them foam up. You might find them as DEA, MEA, TEA on the ingredient list.

Diazolidinyl Ureal and Imidazolidinyl Urea – A formaldehyde-releasing preservative. Anything with over .5% of this is considered unhealthy.

Tefolin – Tefolin (PTFE) as in Teflon like what’s used on non stick pans.

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) – Popular skin brightening and exfoliating ingredients that may disrupt skin barrier and open up the skin to penetration of other substances.

Hydroquinone – Contained in skin-brightening and lightening creams and is better avoided.

Oxybenzone – It is considered that chemical sunscreen filters are suspected endocrine disruptors and potential carcinogens, so better be avoided during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Retinoids – Can be listed also as retinoic acid, tretinoin, palmitate and retinaldehyde (found in anti-acne and anti-ageing serums) are linked to birth defects, so as stated above – avoid them at all costs.

Truth is, you need to have a degree in cosmetology and chemistry in order to pick your pregnancy safe skincare. It takes ages to inspect a single product, so my tip is to stick to products with short ingredient lists and to also check them on the web for reviews and opinions. But also, do not get too obsessive about it! Just consider brands that are generally more ethical like some of those I use and have listed above.

Enjoy your time being pregnant!