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My pregnancy routine with Bilogique Recherche

Time has gone so quickly. I’m already in my last trimester and my bump keeps growing quickly. Throughout my pregnancy I tried different body products which I liked but for my 3rd trimester I adopted a new pregnancy body care routine which I love even more!

Stretch-mark prevention is the best path to take rather than look for ways to remove the marks after giving birth. In those last months, it is important to nourish the skin, especially in the area of the bump, hips and breasts where it stretches the most. However, even though quality products are important, I believe that most of it comes from genes. Some women apply all the lotions and still get stretch marks. Others do not apply any and have no stretch marks. However, it is much better to nourish the skin because you will know whether you have them or not after the baby is born. At the moment, I am using Créme R-Stria by Biologique Recherche. What I love about it is the texture. Most similar products have oily textures and penetrate slowly in the skin. This one has excellent and quick absorption and I don’t get itchy thanks to it.

I also got the new Huile Fundamentale which is a new product from Biologique Recherche. It smells heavenly and is an oil blend, but still absorbs quickly enough. It combines 6 pure botanical oils known for their antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerative properties. What I love the most about it is the aroma – natural and so long-lasting. I feel it throughout the whole day! However, this product can be applied to hair, but to be honest I wouldn’t waste it for my hair – I apply only on my body (legs and arms e.g. the areas where I do not apply Créme R-Stria).

The third body care product I got my hands on is Créme Rèparatrice. For now, this product is locked in my drawer, because I plan to use it postpartum as it has a tightening effect. I am hoping it will help me get my skin back in shape quickly!

P.S.: In my first pregnancy I did not get stretch marks on the belly, but breastfeeding was another story. I didn’t get lucky at the breasts and got the marks. Saying this to remind you that body skin care should not end with the birth of the baby! We all need to continue taking care of ourselves and I am much more determined this time. :)


Denina ♥

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biologique Recherche pregnancy set