Wearing Black Swimwear from Bra Clinic Wearing Black Swimwear from Bra Clinic

In mid June Ron, Alex and I travelled to Greece for an extended weekend with my parents (prior to this we visited Sarti and Talizeti). So June was just perfect for me! For that few days we spent at Nea Potidea, I relied on my swimwear bikini set from BraClinic. I am not one of those perfect-looking skinny girls seen all over Instagram, so the concept behind BraClinic is one I really respect. They favor curvy girls and believe that there’s much beauty and femininity in curves. Focusing on making women happy and confident, BraClinic teaches how to pick the right swimwear for your in a few useful steps. Here’s a quick summary of these tips and some of my personal recommendations:

  • Pick swimwear which is sized as underwear rather than S, M, L for a more precise fit.
  • Choose padded and underwired tops that will emphasize your bust.
  • Look for comfort. People will easily spot if you are feeling uncomfortable on the beach. And it’s all about having fun, isn’t it?
  • Accentuate over the most flattering parts of your figure. (Add ruffles to your bust in order to visually maximize it; use a bright color or pattern to highlight a feature you like, and a solid color to hide something you don’t like, etc.)
  • Choose colors that will look good on your complexion. Pale skin looks good on black or deep jewel tones, such as dark purple, navy, and maroon. Darker skin tones are flattered by bright colors.
  • Buy only if the fit is perfect. A loose swimwear will enlarge even more when wet, but don’t expect this to favor swimwear that is too tight.

While these tips are useful, you still may need a special consultation and a personal swim-fitting at the BraClinic store or even on Skype.

Denina Martin in Black Swimwear Black Swimwear From Bra Clinic Denina Martin and Bra Clinic Wearing Black Swimwear from Bra Clinic Wearing Black Swimwear from Bra ClinicWearing Black Swimwear from Bra Clinic Denina Martin Wearing Black Swimwear Wearing Black Swimwear from Bra Clinic

Do you have any other tips to share? How do you pick the right swimwear for yourself?


Denina ♥

*In partnership with BraClinic.

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