Parisian style on budget
Parisian style within budget

I shared the story of our Parisian trip recently here, as well as the vlog here, but I got so many questions about this outfit that I decided to make a separate post with details and links to what I wore. 

So, what do you do upon finding out you are about to visit Paris? You pack a good handful of Parisian style clothes. But what if you are restricted in time, and have to do some last-minute shopping within a budget? You most probably go to ZARA, and pick something unpretentious. Like a straight retro-style dress in a size larger, because you don’t want to accentuate on body curves. You are going to Paris. It’s not what French typically do. Then, you add a pair of brown loafers, because that’s what 70% of French women wear from my personal impressions. And, of course, you add a beret, because what’s more Parisian than a beret?

However, the only thing allowed outside the budget, is a signature bag. The one that tells stories and knows all you little secrets, because it’s always around you and the important moments of your life. In fact, I completely changed my view on handbags in the last few years, and started investing in signature bags, because I wanted the ones I have to be few in number, but able to tell stories. And this one by Coach is exactly that type of a handbag.

Scroll down for outfit details.

Paris outfit on budget
Complete outfit within budget
Zara dress within budget

Dress – ZARA – 29.99 EUR

Beret – ZARA – 12.99 EUR

Loafers – ZARA – 45.99 EUR (Also love those here & here)

Bag – Coach Parker Bag – 400 EUR


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