It’s the beginning of May and Spring has officially made its magnificent appearance. Not just that. It feels even warmer and sunnier than anticipated. Sofia feels like Summer! I don’t know about you, but one of the quickest persons when it comes to warmer weather adapting. The moment I smell warmer weather, and I’m ready … Continue Reading

For months now cardigans have been a thing in the world of fashion. Many are skeptical but I feel there’s something very sexy about them, especially if well styled. Not to mention how practical they are. I mean it’s the trendy piece to wear year round! Style with jeans, skirts & dresses as an outerwear in … Continue Reading

A while back I shared with you that I’ve been wearing nude lip pencil only these days. It’s my current go to thing. Especially that it lasts and doesn’t stain my face mask when out. Some of you shared their favorite brands and colors, so I decided to make a list of the best nude … Continue Reading

It’s been 43 days since we started socially distancing ourselves. 43 days in quarantine. I bet you (just like me) miss the things which were never appreciated as much before. Like the opportunity to get dressed and get your makeup done. I do miss this a lot some days, so I adopted a stay home … Continue Reading

In the light of this work from home situation, I wanted to share with you a few morning rituals to make your day productive. I have tried these throughout the years and whenever I manage to stick to them, it does make me more productive. Don’t fool yourself that I follow these strictly every single … Continue Reading

There are two seasons when I love to switch the aromas at home – Spring & Winter. It’s quite obvious. :) Now that we are spending a lot of time at home, I wanted to find good floral fragrances for spring aroma therapy at home. This is how I came across CHANDO – artisan porcelain … Continue Reading