There’s one common question among women: how to get rid of cellulite? Cellulite is a combination of so many factors like hormones, blood circulation, lifestyle and even medication. There’s not a single cause to it, nor a single product to treat it. All women can have it and have it more or less – even … Continue Reading

I’m quite thankful for the opportunity to have the seaside within a 3-hour drive. It is something I started appreciating more this year, when friends around Europe/US are stuck in their cities/countries and cannot enjoy a holiday near the sea. For us, it’s the second time this year we go for a weekend to the … Continue Reading

Neon colors are trending again. The key question this Summer: is neon the new black? I doubt it will ever be the new black, but it surely is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and be up to date with fashion trends now. Neon first came into fashion in the 80s, when it … Continue Reading

Location: Burgas, Bulgaria This weekend we gave ourseleves a weekend escape and travelled to Burgas. The first time we were there a few weeks ago I loved the parks and taking walks there, so this time I was prepared with really comfortable shoes only. I took those sandals with me and I can tell you – I … Continue Reading

Summer is on and even if you are not near the beach, you can achieve the beach waves at home just the way I do. It’s a quick and easy way using heat and a tool I have had my eyes on for a while – Rowenta Waves Addict. Here are the steps I follow. … Continue Reading

“All I need is sun, sand and wine.”   There aren’t many things that can make me as happy as spending time at the beach on a sunny day, accompanied by my loved one and drinking good wine. It’s a real joy for the soul! We don’t often go on date nights or date vacations, … Continue Reading