I may not wear too much black too often, but sometimes I do feel like wearing some. I have never underestimated the power of a simple black dress for the holidays. Truth is there are some pieces that have to be present in every woman’s wardrobe and one of them with no doubt is a … Continue Reading

I recently bought this red suit with the idea of having something to enhance my holiday mood and all those Jingle-Bell vibes. I was so happy when I found it online at H&M. This season the brand is rocking when it comes tailored pieces. I first bought that blazer which I also wore in London. … Continue Reading

After sharing the movies I watch during the Holiday season, I thought sharing my Christmas playlist would be interesting for you, too. Sometimes, it would take precious time to built your own, so hopefully this one will ease you into this. When it comes to the singers in my Christmas playlist, I certainly have quite … Continue Reading

We all experience periods when our hair looks better than usual. And right the opposite. Usually, those periods have much to do with the atmospheric changes on a yearly basis a.k.a. the seasonal ones. Today I’m taking you through those periods to see how hair changes over the seasons. Because in order to keep control over … Continue Reading

I have a thing for beautiful coats. Who doesn’t? But truth is this banana coat turned into my favorite for one more reason apart from it’s beautiful and rather untypical color. It was the one I wore the night I received the Woman of the Year award, so I also consider it my lucky coat. … Continue Reading

As a dress lover, I usually struggle in Winter, when it comes to wearing dresses. As much as I love the idea, I restrict myself from wearing those easy-breezy pieces too often. This year I decided that I will not give up on wearing dresses. Instead, I will look for knit dresses. They are literally … Continue Reading