What color combination are you most likely to wear when on a seaside holiday? I am pretty sure it’s white and blue. Like the sailor’s image we all have in our heads. There’s so much romance in it. However, this year for our vacations in Greece I decided to stock on a better alternative to … Continue Reading

You know when you go to the beach early in the morning and the water is crystal clear. Beautiful! Then people start to flock, and by noon it gets greasy. Unfortunately, much of that grease is full of harmful ingredients occurring in most sunscreens. Ingredients that negatively impact our oceans and are related to coral … Continue Reading

You know how much I like to give simple styling ideas to help you play around with your clothes. So, here’s one if you want to look a bit cooler this Summer – tie the knot. Of course, I mean nothing but the knot on your T-shirt. It’s certainly not a new trend. We all … Continue Reading

“Life is full of color. Color is full of life.“ I saw this statement inside the Desigual store where this dress is from, and thought – how true that is! Colors are full of life, and when our life is full of color it’s so much more beautiful, vibrant and positive. And then you go … Continue Reading

It’s official – the terracing season is now open. :) I always find this term so funny! We – all the people living in cities who do not have neither front, nor back yards, enjoy our Summers on the terrace. So, somebody coined the term terracing as a really popular activity. And now that we … Continue Reading

There are so many places around Halkidiki I have visited and certainly can recommend. It’s a beautiful place to spend your Summer holiday at. However, if I get asked where to go for a romantic seaside walk in Halkidiki, I would certainly say Sani Resort’s Marina. I’m sure those who have been there would absolutely … Continue Reading