This season neutrals are getting all the attention. They step up to make a statement, but in such a diverse palette that they call them the new neutrals. Rich earthy shades of khaki, taupe, terra-cotta, beige and so much more are the key to your best wardrobe this season. That’s what all the experts say, and … Continue Reading

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria Ron and I recently took a short trip to Plovdiv which also happens to be the European Capital of Culture for 2019. We were quite lucky, because we enjoyed some really nice weather. It is a warm and sunny city generally, and Spring seems to have come in full swing earlier there. … Continue Reading

What I like about this outfit? Its comfort. A perfect pick for a casual day – airy, light and super breezy with its linen blend fabric. I feel like my style and my clothing decisions have changed a lot over the past few years. I used to make sacrifices to my comfort. I no longer … Continue Reading

When Spring comes it always feels so refreshing to do that major clean-up. And I love to compliment it with some good home fragrances that add Spring freshness to my home. As much as I love fresh flowers, I no longer feel their scent the way I used to. So, I love to rely on … Continue Reading

What do you think – can we make clothes out of food? You and I – probably not. But apparently people out there are putting a lot of effort and are successful at this venture. This year H&M Conscious Exclusive showcases a range of surprising fabrics sourced from surprising materials, once again giving voice to … Continue Reading

A while ago I shared our living room reveal. However, one thing I did not discuss is that it’s not actually that much of a big space – 25 square meters together with the kitchen area. But we did use a couple of tricks to make it visually appear more spacious. I know many people … Continue Reading