Have you ever happened to have a thought in your head that keeps on coming and coming back? To imagine how wonderful it would be if… And it strikes you again and again, but you have no idea how it could possibly happen, because it is too complicated, distant and incomprehensible. And one day it … Continue Reading

If you are a trouser-lover, one worthy investment you can make this Summer are white wide leg trousers, because they work for almost every occasion. They look elegant, and are ideal for the office. Not to mention that they can also fit perfectly into a night outfit, or be a good pick for that wedding … Continue Reading

Looking at those photos, I well remember the heat of that beautiful day of June in Greece. It was almost a month ago, but I never felt how time passed by. We’ve had a few very dynamic weeks right after it. Two days after coming back from Greece, I took off for a bachelorette weekend … Continue Reading

Here’s a simple question: Is shopping from men’s department okay? Yes. I truly see nothing wrong about doing it as long as I find something that suits me. To be honest, I have been on the look for a simple white linen-feel shirt for a while now, and I only found a perfect one at … Continue Reading

Ron and I have been working on a few things recently, so I have barely found time to stop by and post content here. However, despite the fact our holiday in Greece was 3 weeks ago, I finally share with you mine vs his holiday beauty favorites. The products I brought to our holiday in … Continue Reading


Not long ago I was sharing with you how much I enjoy wearing retro-style swimwear. Well, my retro addiction apparently gets deeper over the course of Summer. Today, I’m sharing another retro-inspired swimwear I love. I first wore it during our holiday in Greece earlier this month. Brought it with me for my friend’s Julia … Continue Reading