Autumn is approaching, and it is not as hard to predict what stores might have in collection for you – the typical warm, deep and/or neutral hues. The same ones that come and go every year. But this AW19 season is promising to be more vibrant. And this is what Pantone’s color intelligence predicted earlier … Continue Reading

My passion for listening started about a year and a half ago with podcasts. It wasn’t until then that I realised how much I enjoyed listening to informational pieces which tell new and exciting stories. And then this whole thing would so easily escalate to listening to audio books after I discovered the audio book … Continue Reading

Please, tighten your belt. Defined waists are back. I’m slowly starting to report on Autumn’s trends for you. Last week I paid attention to all those statement sleeves that are going to be an inevitable part of our wardrobes in about a month’s time. Today, I’m reporting on those cinched silhouettes that are also becoming … Continue Reading

Let me introduce you to Its Majesty The Bouffant Sleeve. It’s going to faithfully accompany you in this upcoming Autumn/Winter season. If you let it to, of course. I’m sure you are starting to notice this with the new collections slowly stepping in stores, but anything is barely trendier than a Bouffant sleeve these days. … Continue Reading

Over the last year I received many requests to show you how I curl my hair, because it looked so natural. Many of you even thought my hair is naturally wavy! Well, today I spill out the secret. Read down to see what products I use and what my technique is. THE ESSENTIALS High Quality … Continue Reading

To travel calm and happy we need so many things – thoughtful plan, good emotional condition, great destination, pleasant company, etc. But there is another equally important answer to the question “What it takes to travel calm and happy?” – we need to know our rights. Recently at a specialized event we were given information … Continue Reading