wearing my Jorge Bischoff shoes
Jorge Bischoff shoes Punto

Cardigans are getting more and more popularity these days as a comfortable and practical choice. However, some cardigans are better than others for one reason, and it’s that you can wear an oversized cardigan as a dress. :) 

As you can see, I’m wearing this one as a dress on the days the weather allows it. Since it has a big neckline, I put on a beige turtleneck and a gold chain necklace to add an accent. The latter is one of the 2020 top trends, believe it or not! I also paired the look with those Jorge Bischoff heels from Punto, which by the way are my first ever pair from the Brazil designer and insanely comfortable! Not the mention the quality of the shoe itself. Meticulous! 

See further outfit details below. 

JL golden watch
Cosy knit wear this winter_0165
Cozy October sun


Oversized cardigan – H&M

Turtleneck top – H&M

Bag – Coach

Shoes – Jorge Bischoff

Watch – Jacques Lemans

Necklace – H&M (love this one, too)



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