Natalie dress from Denina Martin Collection
Denina Martin Collection

I’m really excited because our Summer collection just launched! I have been looking forward to this moment for over a year. When we decided to start Denina Mártin Collection we knew we wouldn’t be ready to start in Summer so we had our debut collection in Autumn. Since then I have been dreaming for the moment we can start working on Summer pieces as this is my favorite season.

With our Summer collection we introduced dresses only – flowy, dreamy and made of natural fabrics like cotton and linen. We also complimented them with jewelries made of natural materials like freshwater pearls, mother-of-pearls beads and sea shells.

However, for the first time we are also introducing hats and bags! The latter makes me really excited as I have been thinking about it even before the idea for Denina Mártin Collection was born. I love handbags and I really wanted to start creating pieces in this direction. You can take a look below and discover the two variations of our ELLA bag.

As you know we took our collection to one of Bulgaria’s prettiest cities at the sea shore – Burgas, and we had a great time shooting our collection there. In fact, I had a great time wearing it near the sea, so can’t wait to walk in those dresses at the beach again. :)

 Pictured above: NATALIE Embroidered Dress (sold out but coming back in stock soon)

Cream linen premium dress
premium linen dress from the collection

SAVANNA Premium Linen Dress in cream white

New dress from Denina Martin Collection
Beach style dress from Denina Martin Collection

SAVANNA Shirt Dress in an eye-catchy print

Beach Riviere dress made of cotton and linen


Beach style collection dress
Dress details made of linen collection_9462

RIVIERE Premium Linen Dress

June cotton style
Embroidered dress

MARGOT V-neck Dress 

Denina-Martin-Collection handbag
Handbag SS20

And lastly, our Summer Collection comes with the motto “Best things happen between June and August.” As we do believe in this. :)

I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on the collection! Feel free to share.


Denina ♥