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Since early November, Ron and I have adopted a new routine when it comes to personal care. More accurately, we’ve actually improved the old one with Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart. Almost two weeks ago we started brushing our teeth with it in the mornings and in the evenings, using the new electric sound brush. Since then we have been collecting impressions. As men and women think quite differently, today both of us are sharing our experience with Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart separately.

Which program did you choose? 

Denina: W3 Premium Whitening.

Ron: C3 Premium for plaque control.

How did the first cleaning go?

Denina: Philips had warned me not to turn on the brush the brush with a toothpaste on it before I put it in my mouth. Guess what I did? The brush performs up to 31,000 cleaning moves per minute which turn toothpaste to thousands of small droplets. Imagine the mess which was around me! I would also add that those 2 minutes of brusing went very quickly for me as was overwhelmed by phone app, which was pointing out the cleaning areas to me.

Ron: The first cleaning session was actually 2 complete two-minute sessions. The application marked the places I had missed to clean, so I had to start a new two-minute program to clean these areas. Also, I did push and rub instinctively , but the light indicator was flashing to alert me that I shouldn’t do this.

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What was the feeling afterwards? 

Denina: Throughout the day I felt my teeth very smooth and polished. This would happen to me only after a dentist procedure, so I was quite impressed by the tangible difference.

Ron: For me, the feeling was definitely of cleanliness, which I can’t achieve with a simple brush.

What do you like about Sonicare DiamondClean Smart

Denina: I like that the brush is really smart. I do not have to set anything. It does it all by itself, as each prefix (toothbrush head) has a micro chip inside. I can also go to my dentist to have her mark on the 3D map the areas which I must pay special attention to retainer, which placed after the Orthocaps treatment. And last but not least – it is compact, easy to carry and I can use it under the shower.

Ron: I like I can definitely trust the toothbrush for cleaning my teeth. Hence, the app points out which zones are well-cleaned and which not. And I don’t even have to turn on the phone each time. The toothbrush will keep the info for 14 days, during which I can synchronize it with the app and see the areas I’m missing on.

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What did you not like?

Denina: Because of the high frequency movements of the fibers, toothpaste gets really foamy. I was not used to this, and at first I had the feeling that my mouth was overflowing with foam. That’s why I prefer to use the brush with a toothpaste that does not foam so much. Also, I do not wet it too much to avoid excessive foaming.

Ron: To be honest, I do not enjoy the vibrations, because of the tickling feeling I get. I already started getting used to it, but I definitely did not like it at first.

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What are your expectations in the long term?

Denina: Whiter teeth, no coffee stains and no plaque.

Ron: I expect that Sonicare DiamondClean Smart will prevent cavities to form, as well as other health issues connected to oral hygiene.

Would you recommend Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart?

Denina: Yes, absolutely.

Руслан: Yes.

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Denina ♥

*The toothbrushed were given to us by Philips to review them. All opinions are ours.