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If you are following me on Instagram and InstaStories you might have noticed that Ron and I recently celebrated our anniversary. On this occasion, I decided to share with you something very personal – our story how we met each other.

Going back in time, I very well remember that August day we met. We turned out to be in a mutual company of friends at an Aquapark. He introduced himself to everyone but me. This, of course, made me even more curious. Then, we played volleyball. He still jokes that me playing volleyball is actually me kicking the ball all the time. Of course I was kicking it – I had been playing football with the boys in the neighborhood for such a long time. :)

So, each of us left without exchanging contacts. Then, I saw Ron by accident in town, but he passed by me without saying Hi. He says he did not see me that night. Two days later, we were accidentally caught up again, but I believe nothing happens just by accident. Ron took my number and in a week’s time we were on our first date. We played pool. I’m not sure if I was that good and that lucky, or he just let me win. Whatever it was, everything started then – on that first date. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach fluttering so strong that instead of walking I could basically jump around in happiness.

Gentleman givenchy Givenchy gift Happy unnivrsary Denina Martin

Now we turn out to be that “modern” kind of a family. Things just happen without those official wedding things. Perhaps there is a dose of superstition in our minds. We don’t want to change or hence ruin it by getting married. For us what matters the most is Alex. Aren’t children actually a relationship’s strongest bond? :)

Of course, many things have changed over time. We had many difficulties whch united us even more. We managed to deal with the obstacles because some force was strongly pulling us to one another. Now our love is different – more mature. And it is also a friendship. I like it that way, but sometimes I do miss the moments and emotions we had when it all started. I know nothing can bring them back, so I want to create other new thrills for us to share. You know, doing different things to keep the flame burning, as it was when this that airplane thing. In fact, this is exactly the thing I’d like us to promise ourselves on this anniversary.

Givenchy Gentleman gift

As for the gift, I was thinking how to surprise him. I wanted to get him something nice and that blazer was a hit. Then, Givenchy appeared just in time to make the perfect addition to my present. And it couldn’t be more appropriate. Besides the symbolics behind its name, The new Gentleman hides one of the most stunning male fragrances in its bottle. Ron was genuinely delighted. I think I have to surprise hime a little more often. When did you last surprise your loved one? 

Gentlemen givenchy

Dress – Warehouse (other nice pink dresses here and here)

Blazer – ZARA

FragranceGivenchy The New Gentle Man


Denina ♥



Прекрасна история, честита годишнина <3


Благодаря ти, Виктория! Прекрасен ден от мен! :)

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