New year – same old me. Driven by vintage style. Inspired by old aesthetics. Every time it hits me different but the good old (and loved) 90s stick with me. I guess I have deep feelings for them being born in the 90s myself. Although it triggers me a bit that anything from this decade is now considered as vintage. I still feel like a 90s kid. :)

Anyway. I can’t say I like every single style or trend from that decade, but there are a few things that make me say “One way ticket back to 90s, please.” Like headbands, and clip on earrings. Not to mention satin – loving it is a surprising new thing for me! Also, never have I ever enjoyed wearing so much dark colours – blacks and greys. However, whatever the pieces and trends, I never miss to adapt them to my own style. I don’t enjoy copying. I enjoy developing my own sense of aesthetics and adapting it towards the particular fashion age.

So, if there is one key takeaway from this post, it would sound like this – find what you like and adapt it to your own sense of style. Otherwise, we’d all look the same and there’d be nothing quite so interesting. :)




Earrings (Vintage YSL)

Bag (Budget option here)

Sunglasses (Budget option here)