It was the hottest day of Summer. We gathered just before sunset on a location outside Sofia. A team of different and digitally popular people including myself. I think that’s exactly what I loved about this cover of GRAZIA – they managed to gather people who have nothing in common and yet make a perfect mix. And they called it:


I am excited because not only is this is my first ever magazine cover, but it also it means I have been selected among so many digitally active and creative people by the GRAZIA team. It is beyond flattering!

The full story is here on

But it get’s even more exciting!

In the next few days you will see my personal digital cover! Coming out with a personal interview I gave for GRAZIA magazine.

Special thanks to everyone on the team. They all did such an amazing job!

Photography: Angel Zaharinov
Styling: Polina Dobreva
Makeup: Georgi Rusev
Hair: Inspire saloons
Creative coordinator: Ivelina Choeva

Text: Dimitar Andonov
Video: Genadi Mihov