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Upon turning 25 I promised myself to become more responsible when it comes to skincare. To protect and take care of it regularly, so it can stay beautiful longer. This is extremely important as Sofia is a very polluted city. So, from my birthday on I started a new skincare routine using products from the french beauty brand BIOTHERM.

At the heart of BIOTHERM lies the belief that water is the origin of life, containing the most precious ingredients for the human body. Billions of years ago life on the planet started in water. The first living organisms were plankton. Inspired by nature, the brand is the only one in the world whose products contain Life Plankton™. And it is precious as biologically our skin composition has more in common with aquatic organisms than terrestrial plants. Plankton, micro algae and algae share specific biological characteristics with human skin, and their are used as to benefit us, of course – with commitment and care to water.

The plankton used in all BIOTHERM products is sourced from the French Pyrenees. It has the ability to soothe, regenerate and protect the skin. In fact, it turns out that protection isn’t enough sufficient on its own. While constant moisturising can actually make skin lazy, so finding a way to boost self regenration of cells is more important than I thought. That’s why I loved the idea of using products, containing Life Plankton™ – because they “wake up” the skin cells. Plus, they are sensitive skin suitable and paraben free.

After getting to know BIOTHERM more deeply, I decided to start a new skincare routine, in accordance to my personal beauty needs. Here are the steps I have been following for the past few weeks:

STEP 1 – Deep Cleanse

I start by using the SKIN OXYGEN Depolluting Cleanser. Enriched with Chlorella Algae Extract, it has to have detoxifying powers. This gel melts onto the skin, trapping and removing impurities while not drying out the skin. Eventually, my skin feels purified and breathing. Only negative experience is with the product consistency – slightly watery, which makes it easy to spill, but I got used to this already.

Biotherm blogger Biotherm depolluting cleanser Biotherm дълбоко почистващ гел depolluting cleanser

STEP 2 – Oxygenating

I follow up by using the SKIN OXYGEN Oxygenating Lotion. It is enriched with a Chlorella algae extract, too. Again known for its detoxifying powers and ability to corrects imperfections due to urban environments, working towards making skin more radiant. Definitely can tell I feel my skin breathing after application.

Използване Biotherm anti pollution skin oxygenating lotion Biotherm anti pollution skin oxygenating lotion

STEP 3 – Active Hydration

In winter, the skin is much more prone to dryness, so hydration should not yet be underestimated. The AQUASOURCE Day Cream counters these problems wonderfully. As I have already mentioned, besides moisturizing, the products also help natural regeneration because of the living plankton contained in them. This cream is no exception, and I am really anticipating the long term results. I absolutely love its scent – like a deep ocean, as well as the cooling effect upon applications. Feels very refreshing.

Biotherm Aquasource кремИзползвам Biotherm Aquasource за суха кожа Biotherm Aquasource dry skin кремBiotherm Aquasource blogger

СТЪПКА 4 – Eye Revitalizing

I have always been frivolous when it comes to using under-eye products. I promised to change this, as this is the area where signs of aging appear quickly and visibly. Therefore, after the day cream, I  apply the AQUASOURCE Total Eye Revitalizer. A very hydrating cream, containing a fine pink pearl brilliance which further enhances eye contour. It also has a really pleasant cooling effect. Hence, I have a feeling it works great when it comes dark circles.

Biotherm Aquasource total eye revitalizer blogger Biotherm Aquasource total eye revitalizer Разнасяне Biotherm Aquasource total eye revitalizer

СТЪПКА 5 – Deep Night Nourishing

AQUASOURCE EVERPLUMP is my favorite BIOTHERM product. It’s a night mask with a thick gel-like cooling texture that nourishes the skin in extreme depth and seals in moisture. The mask is enriched with Blue Hyaluron ™ – a natural hyaluronic acid booster. It is extracted from Kopara – a very stable marine organism, secreting a unique active substance that constantly attracts and retains water. But as a consumer, the most important thing for me is the effect. My skin skin looks firmer and more elastic in the morning. The product helps boost skin recovery, while sleeping with skin waking up intensely replenished and plump.

Biotherm aquasource everplump night Нанасяне Biotherm aquasource everplump night Вечерен крем Biotherm-aquasource everplump night Biotherm aquasource everplump night крем

STEP 6 – Rescue Plan + Eye Lashes Care

When I don’t get enough enough sleep, my undereyes don’t look good at all. Then to the rescue comes BLUE THERAPY Eye Opening Serum. It has a quick effect and helps depuffed under eye bags, brightening the area. It is 30+ recommended so I use it when really in need, but  the effect is really visible. Plus, it has an eye-lash applicator to nourish my lashes, too.

Biotherm blue therapy eye opening serum Нанасяне Biotherm blue therapy eye opening serum

BIOTHERM is a high class beauty brand. They do not usually give discounts but have agreed to gift all my followers 20% off all their BIOTHERM purchases at SEPHORA Bulgaria. You only need to show this e-voucher at the desk between 25.11 – 25.12.2017.*

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Have you ever used BIOTHERM products? Will be happy to exchange thoughts and opinions. :)


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with BIOTHERM. All opinions are mine.

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