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Over the course of Summer quite a few of you messaged me asking about tips & ideas for weddings they were about to attend. With a slight delay, I am finally revealing my personal tips for the wedding guests & sharing a few places online where you can shop for dresses and more.

Do not wear all-black. I truly believe that black isn’t appropriate for such positive celebrations. Unless, of course, you have managed to brighten it up by mixing with color and other playful accents.

A dress is safe to bet on. It’s not a must, but you can never go wrong with a dress.

All-white is for the bride. That’s a rule.

Let the bride shine. Do not wear anything that can distract the attention from the girl that deserves it the most.

Consult about the wedding theme & dress code, if not mentioned in the invitation. It will be your starting point when it comes to picking outfits. For instance, for her wedding my friend Julia’s asked if we could wear dressing gowns, so almost all female guests did. For this wedding (Angela’s) she never mentioned anything specific, but I knew it was going to be near the sea, so Ron and I opted for blue.

Do NOT wear minis. Or anything too revealing. It just doesn’t look appropriate…

You really shouldn’t buy a clutch bag you will never wear again. Instead, try to pick something smart and chic that can be worn afterwords. Be creative.

Opt for shoes that will let you dance through the night. It’s the worst idea to pick the pretty shoes instead of the comfortable ones. I truly recommend block heels because they are stable, but yet very elegant.

Keep your hair simple. Overly styled hair is so two thousand and late.

Do not go heavy on the make-up. It’s not just that I do not fancy heavy make-up for weddings. Over the course of the night, your make up will most probably get smudged if not get ruined. And if you have too much of it, it will be more obvious.

Match your outfit with your man’s. If you want to look like you have come together, it is really important that you two look great when standing by each other.

Wedding guests tips
Sunset Burgas


POlka dot dress for wedding

My dress – Mohito (kind of similar here)

Shoes – old but similar here

Bag – Tory Burch

Jewellery – FREYWILLE


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