Imaret Kavala Hotel
Pennyblack pure linen skirt

Location: Imaret, Kavala

Everybody has got at least one favorite outfit combination per season which they wear very often and rely on when in doubt. Like this outfit which is going to be my summer uniform, for sure.

In fact, I really enjoy having thought of a few outfits that look good and are easy to put on when in a rush. This saves me stress and the risk of feeling unwell if I have picked something not as good, because I had no time. Usually, in summer for me these outfits consist of dresses, as it’s easier to slip on one piece and go. However, this season one of the key outfits I’m opting for is this neutral linen skirt and light blue colour block blouse with fringe, accessorized with a wide tan belt. And of course the perfect match – this bucket bag I currently love to wear on days off and while traveling, because it’s so spacious. With this outfit, I know I will be prepared for whenever time tries to catch me unprepared, because I love it and feel like it resonates perfectly with my style.

So, my number one tip for you today is to give yourself time and prepare one, two, three or as many outfits as you want. From top to bottom. Snap them with your camera. Create a new folder on your phone maybe to have them handy. And live your life happily without the stressful situations of “What do I wear today?” :)

Have you already thought of your summer uniform? Share what it consists of in the comments. 

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Pennyblack Colour block blouse with fringe
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PennyBlack Denina Martin
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 Pure Linen Skirt – PennyBlack

Colour Block Blouse with Fringe – PennyBlack

Leather Belt with Ring – PennyBlack

Canvas Bucket Bag – PennyBlack


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