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In my previous, as well as my current pregnancy, I always try to dress the bump without pin-pointing I actually have one. For some reason, I feel better when having it more covered and unnoticed. Of course, it is impossible to hide it once it grows big enough but you get my point. That’s why I decided to share a few of my personal tips on dressing the bump – for all those mamas who are feeling a bit confused about it and want to be practical.

Look for adaptable styles

There are plenty of loose-fitting and oversized options in stores that are not maternity but can work great for the bump. It’s actually how I prefer to shop at the moment – buy pieces that I can wear later on in my life. Like this faux leather dress, which also serves as a coat. 

Buy maternity pieces that you actually need

Maternity clothes are usually worn for just a couple of months pre-birth and some more after birth. Then you ditch them. That’s why I only buy maternity pieces that are absolutely essential for me at the moment – like comfortable maternity leggings and jeans, because I can’t wear dresses all the time in winter. As I said, everything else in my wardrobe is a regular collection – just more oversized, so I don’t have to invest in pieces that I won’t be wearing later on. 

Choose your colour palette

There would be days when you’d feel stuck with what to wear, because the growing bump wouldn’t give you as many options as you used to have. However, if you choose a palette of colours, it’d make your life much easier mixing and matching your clothes. 

Wear supportive underwear

I see this mistake so often. I even noticed it on one of the top fashion influencers on Instagram who’s pregnant. With pregnancy boobs grow bigger. In most cases your old bra would be an unfitting option. For me it is very important to adapt my underwear to my growing body. First, for comfort issues, and second, it looks much better that an ill-fitting bra. What I have been wearing this pregnancy are the Triumph supporting bras, which I love and recommend! 

Buy extenders

I haven’t done that, but I wish I did. However, you can get such smart jeans extenders and wear your own jeans without having to invest in maternity ones. 

Wear shoes that are comfortable to you

Don’t pay attention to the heels I’m wearing here. I do not typically wear such high heels at the moment, only for meetings and short outings that won’t require me to walk for too long. However, I still wear heels in my everyday but more of those block-type of heels like the ones I wore here. For me walking in heels is more comfortable than in flats because I have knees issues when wearing flats. Not to mention that it was recommended to me by a doctor to wear medium-height heels. My point is you need to wear what’s comfortable for you. However, it is good to know that with the advancement of the pregnancy the centre of the body balance shifts and high heels might not be your best option unless you are so used to wearing some like I am. Just make sure whatever it is, it makes you feel comfortable. 

You can buy a bigger size but you don’t have to

This one is really personal. Some women gain weight with pregnancy (like I do), some keep their shape, and some loose weight (gosh, nausea..). I prefer to buy clothes in a size bigger than my pre-pregnancy size, so I feel comfortable. But if it doesn’t look good on you, buy you regular size. Always try on and judge based on your own body. 

Outfit details below.

love this shirt dress
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Faux Leather Coat / Dress – Zara (sold out but alternative here & here)

Boots – Zara

Bag – Furla (old but similar here)

Silk scarf – Denina Mártin Collection

Earrings – Vintage Christian Dior