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I am horribly in love with all the warm sunny days. As you can imagine I can barely survive through Winter, always dreaming of Spring and Summer. However, though often I get sad, bored and even depressed in the frosty and gloomy weather, I have a little cure that makes it all so different. It’s my little sunshine Alex who’s been lightening up my days for a second winter in a roll.

While this might sound like an over-exaggeration, I tell you – in no way is it not. Yes, I have my times when looking after a baby isn’t the most desired thing to do. Yes, I have those times when I’m fed up with all the feeding, cleaning, and diaper changing thing. But the truth is, this little guy always finds a way to cheer me up with his funny faces, strange noises and hilarious moves. He just makes me survive through winter much easily and even makes me enjoy it at times!

We took these photos during our annual trip to Borovets about 3 weeks ago. All I recall now is Alex’s shocked face upon touching the snow, realizing it’s freaking cold. Or how he enjoys the snow sliding, but barely understands why everything around is so white. Or even the hilarious moment when he walks in his snow overalls – just like a Robocop! And when you are there to see all these things, you know that children are the greatest happiness of all. And you are grateful. Happy. Sounds like a cliché? Wait to become a parent.

And now when the weekend is knocking on the door, and the weather over here will most probably be as gloomy as it is today, it’s the best time to pay attention to those little ones and let them brighten up our days. Our little sunshines that will help us survive through winter and throw us back in childhood. :)

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Wishing you a beautiful and happy weekend!  


Denina ♥

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Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It is
the little changes that will make the most significant changes.
Thanks a lot for sharing!


Awww Alex is so adorable!!!

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Hello , i love your style and ideas how to be comfy and stylish at the same time . Was wondering if you can do a style spring summer outfits for the moms to be during their maternity who would love to be stylish . Thanks xx


Hi, Lena! Thank you for the sweet comment! I will consider doing this, but meanwhile you can check my very first posts up until November 2014. I was pregnant and blogging at the time, so you might find some outfit ideas for yourself there! Have a fantastic day! :)

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